RX Series Sit-on

The same state of the art forklifts as their stand up counterparts, these sit on models have a central management system that allows for easy right-angle staking, storing and retrieving pallets in racks.

Product Features

  • Sit-on type reach truck
  • Central Management System - Exhibits more powerful and more advanced capabilities. By integrating the travel, hydraulic and electric steering functions, the system's advanced intelligence optimizes the operator's interaction with the forklift.
  • Faster Speed - the unique control system provides optimal control of powerful travel and hydraulic AC motors, resulting highly efficient driving, lifting and turning
  • Tight Turning - Excellent maneuverability for narrow spaces with minimum turning radius and right angle stacking aisle width by adopting 360 degrees endless steering
  • Stable Lifting - Chassis and rigid mast ensure excellent stability even during high lift heights. The result is stable load handling at up to seven meter heights without capacity reduction when equippMultied with large batteries.
  • Shock absorption mast and Soft Landing System prevent the loads from damages by vibration.
  • Multi-display with wheel indicator, self-diagnosis function, driving mode setting. Semi-auto stacking system is available as option.
  • Auto power-off system
  • Load handling and traveling interlock system
  • Cold storage applications are available - CS (-20 celsius continuous exposure, -35 celsius intermittent exposure) and FCS (-35 celsius continuous exposure, -55 celsius intermittent exposure)


load capacity
load center
overall width
Overall Length (Without Forks)
Overhead Guard Height
Operating Aisle Width
1400 kg
600 mm
1270 mm
1210 mm
2665 mm
2630 mm
1600 kg
600 mm
1270 mm
1210 mm
2665 mm
2645 mm
2000 kg
600 mm
1334 mm
1290 mm
2675 mm
2720 mm